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Spy Gafas de Sol Haight

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Give en to the Sounds of the City and keep Steppin ‘Till the Sunset Turns to Sunrise. available with the Spy Happy Lens and Trident Polarización, The Haight is Constructed from a mano Acetate, Características Sturdy de 5 Barrel hinges, lentes de base Nylon 6 and Comes With a Premium Leather Leash. Frame measures: 58 – 17 – 145spy Happy Lens Technology’With a de patentes colgante on its qualities terapéutico, The Happy Lens was designed to maximize the transmission of the Sun ‘s good «rays while lactancia Blocking Out its baño» rays Wave Blue Light de The Good «rays are a specific Type of Long. Exposure to the Good Rays has been shown to help Align the Human Body’ s Rhythm with its natural preference for Specific Color and wavelengths, fostering positiva changes that can help Harmonize Spy ‘s Body. Happy Lens is a color and Contrast Enhancing Lens that makes Bluebird Days bluerige, and bumps and saltos more Distinct. so you can enjoy Nature’ s Awe Inspiring en Ways to you ‘ve never Lagos de belleza or Felt before Mar Better. Feel Better Perform Better.

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